New York lawmakers are concerned after many people saw their heating and electric bills skyrocket this winter.

State senator Joe Griffo says it's more than a tough winter that is making prices double or triple.  Griffo says some electric and heating companies are price gouging. He's working closely with Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush, R-117, to get to the bottom of the increases. Griffo sent a letter to the Public Service Commission asking for an investigation into why prices are going so high.

 "We'll be looking for answers and hopefully the end result will be; we can do whatever we can in order to avoid this kind of situation where you have these sudden and significant spikes," said Griffo, R-47th district, during a phone interview Friday.

If you are experiencing a huge increase in heating or electric bills this month.  Send us an email. 7News reporter Asa Stackel is looking into the increases. His address is