Jenna Hinman has a rare form of cancer that has her on life support.  Her husband Brandon is stationed at Fort Drum. Her baby twins, just two-months old, are now living with her mother.  And, her friends are raising as much money as they can - any way they can:

"First it was pneumonia.  Then, it was, 'oh my gosh,' cancer.  It's just been a roller coaster," said Emily McMillan, Jenna's friend.

Emily McMillan's boss Trevor Garlock hosted the Charity Spaghetti Dinner:

"You've got the husband who, everyday, puts his life on the line, and here, it's supposed to be one of the most exciting times of life.  The family gives back, and we just want to help them," said Trevor Garlock, The Foundation for Community Betterment.

Retired soldier Alicia Meier stopped by for three spaghetti dinners to take home to her family:

For his unit to let him stay with her, that just touched me, because it's really hard being away from your family during hard times," said Alicia Meier, retired soldier.

She is praying for Jenna, and so are more than 250,000 who follow Jenna on Facebook through her "Prayers for Jenna" page.