Keeping Pistol Permits Private


Got a handgun? Some people think that's their business, not yours.

"I'm a retired police officer, so I don't need people knowing where I live and what I have," said Lynn Schnauber of Depauville.

A new state law keeps your pistol permit confidential if you apply for an opt-out form at the sheriff's office.

So far in Jefferson County, more than 500 of those forms have been filed. 

"We received 320 just today," said Kathleen Larkins, who works in the sheriff's office records division.
Guns are getting a lot more attention these days, but this is one gun law gun owners seem to like.

"I don't believe it's everybody's business to find out where I live and if I own a handgun or weapons in my home," said Elizabeth Mullin of Rodman.

Meanwhile, there are more and more people who want a handgun. 

Pistol permit applications are way up from a year ago.

"People aren't really sure what's going to happen in the future and they want to apply for a pistol permit before things get any crazier," said Undersheriff Paul Trudeau.

One thing that has gotten crazy is the sheriff's records office - swamped with new work from the pistol permits and opt-out applications.

The opt-out may be a new service to handgun owners, but to those pushing the paperwork, it's something else that's new - a new and unfunded state mandate.

Handgun owners have until May 15 to file their opt-out forms. 

If they don't, their permits could be released to the public - assuming someone asks.

Monday, December 5, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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