A kidnapping trial has been postponed because the alleged victim, a key prosecution witness, has apparently gone into hiding and is refusing to testify.

Jury selection was supposed to begin today (Tuesday) in St. Lawrence County Court in the trial of Patrick Lloyd and Miranda Green.

However, the trial has been postponed until September 16.
A source tells 7 News, 18 year old Catherine Berry of Liberty Avenue, Massena, was last seen by her mother Monday night when she left the residence for an unknown destination.
Berry was the alleged victim in the February 16 kidnapping attempt.

Lloyd and Green allegedly threw Berry to the ground and attempted to put her in the trunk of a vehicle until the struggle was noticed by neighbors who called police.
County court may issue a warrant requiring Berry to show up for trial next month.
Lloyd was indicted by a grand jury in March on charges of attempted kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, attempted assault and petit larceny.

Green was indicted on charges of attempted kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, assault and petit larceny.
Berry later recanted her story in a sworn statement to a private investigator claiming Patrick Lloyd was only attempting to break up a fight between her and Miranda Green.
Both Lloyd and Green remain jailed without bail.
District Attorney Nicole Duve declined comment.

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