The on-going saga between the Lewis County legislature and Lewis Lanes has yet another chapter. In late October, the legislature voted to purchase the bowling alley, but changed its mind just days.

"What essentially happened when we voted to rescind, we didn't do due diligence as far as taking the steps to look at everything," District 10 legislator Jerry King said.

Now that's going to happen. The board has had another change of heart, so the contract is back on.

Legislators say the vote doesn't necessarily mean the county is buying the building. It just means they will honor the original contract. According to that, the next step is for the county to take a look inside.

"Take an engineer in, see if it's structurally sound and economically feasible to fit our needs," said Mike Tabolt, who chairs the legislature.

There's no word about when that will happen. Seven of the 10 legislators on the board are new. That's why there's a change in heart and the reason the board is in no rush.

"The new board is committed to taking their time and doing a thorough study," Tabolt said. "All the time we need to do it right."

The owners of Lewis Lanes have made no comments about the situation, but previously threatened legal action if the board didn't follow through on the contract.