Best Buy, Amazon, Kohls -- all big chains advertising big deals for Black Friday.

But one of the biggest shopping days of the year isn't just for the big guys.

Some locally owned stores are offering special sales for the big day, hoping to cash in on the Black Friday buzz.

"I have a two-for-one price going on right now," said Dan Boulton of Morrison's Furniture in Watertown.

"And you can actually get two Lazy Boy chairs for as low as $699," Boulton said, "so that's our door-buster special."

"Consumers are looking for a good deal, that's what they're hunting for," said Shawn Massey of Massey's Furniture Barn.

"They don't mind getting out early," he said. "So I got a good deal and I'm all geared up with extra employees and extra inventory."

Business are gearing up because Black Friday has been good for business the last few years.

Store officials say having history helps when it comes to attracting customers -- no matter what day it is.

"There's not a lot of old, established family businesses left," Boulton said. "It's the big box stores -- are grabbing on."

"We've had parents and the kids buy from us, and the grandparents buy from us," Massey said, "and I think that adds to our credibility."

And what about when Black Friday is over for local businesses? They'll be on to the next big deal.

"Next promotion, next promotion," Massey said. "It's year-round.

"There is always a promotion around the corner," Massey said.

For some stores, that next promotion will be Small Business Saturday, a day that's supposed to attract shoppers to locally owned stores.

It's like an extra day of Black Friday for the little guys.