A Michigan man is being treated at Massena Memorial Hospital after apparently being struck by lightning in St. Lawrence County.

Christopher Church of Dewitt, Michigan, was camping with his family at Coles Creek State Park in Waddington.

A strong thunderstorm rolled through at about 6:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Christopher left his tent go check on a tarp, which was covering supplies.

That's when a bolt of lightning struck a tree next to him, he said.

"It was definitely a bright light and it was definitely a feeling of almost like having a big bell put over my head and just rung real hard," he said. "My left leg and my left arm were completely numb."

Christopher's wife, Shannon, said she heard a "horrific crash sound" before seeing her husband crawling on hands and knees towards.

He told her to call 911, saying "I've been hit by lightning."

Shannon said both of their cell phones were dead, so another camper made the call.

"I was hysterical. I was freaking out," said Shannon.

Christopher suffered a burn mark to his shoulder as well as minor head injuries from falling.

He was taken to Massena Memorial Hospital, where he's being held for observation until Thursday.

Shannon said Christopher is talking.

He wants to wants to go back to the camp site to go fishing.

Shannon, a St. Lawrence County native, said they'll be moving their tents to a different area.

Until then, the couple's children, ages 4 and 6, are staying with relatives.

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