Man Rescued After Quest For Inspiration Goes Wrong


Two Watertown musicians were looking for inspiration, but instead wound up with an emergency situation on the banks of the Black River.

According to 23 year old Quory Soluri, he and his band mate, 22 year old Damien Morrow, decided to take a break near the hydro-electric dam in Glen Park Friday afternoon.

Morrow slipped.

Soluri grabbed him, but lost his grip.

He said Morrow fell 20 feet down the rocks and was knocked out for a time.

"We actually went down here to climb some rocks and just put our feet in the water, get some inspiration for an album and this isn't the inspiration we had wanted, but hopefully we can come through and hopefully be alright," said Soluri, who was covered in his and Morrow's blood.

Morrow was conscious when rescue crews brought him to an ambulance.

There were plans to airlift him to a Syracuse hospital for treatment.

Morrow and Soluri are in the Watertown-based band Unveiled.

Sunday, December 4, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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