Must See: The Frog Pond That's A Frog


From ground level, a wetland off Williams Road in the Town of Rodman looks like, well, a wetland.

Nothing to see here, folks.

Nothing to see, that is, unless you get a look at the wetland from above.

The wetland is shaped like a frog.

We noticed it a few weeks back while looking at something completely different on Google Earth.

And the shape so intrigued us, we found Anne Tibbetts, who owns the property and who is a frog fanatic.

Anne has frog knick knacks at home - frog wind chimes, anyone? - and says she "just likes the look of them."

And somehow she was able to talk the crew that was restoring her wetland nearly a decade ago to take some artistic license, producing the one of a kind shape.

The Google Earth picture is from 2006.

"It's overgrown a little bit, but that's normal with wetlands. They usually do," Tibbetts told 7 News reporter Katie Alexander.

Tibbetts said she would like to get her frog pond back into frog shape, but clearing out the overgrowth will have to be done very carefully and by hand to preserve the wetland habitat once again thriving there. 

"The wetlands are very vital. We need them," Tibetts said.

"You get a lot of different wild life that come in because of the frogs and stuff, but the frogs make it. Really, they make it."

Watch Katie's story by clicking on the picture above.

Saturday, December 10, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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