Must Watch: 45 Years of Nursery School


The average age and average height was a little higher than normal in the United Methodist Church basement classroom, on Saturday.

1400 former nursery school students were invited back to wish Mrs. Jean Haverstock a happy retirement, much to her delight.

"Can you imagine how exciting it is to see what these children have done with their lives?," said Mrs. Haverstock .

In a short program Saturday, she listed some of her alumni. Colonels, professors, engineers, architects, newsmen. And even, at least, one husband and wife who met in nursery school.

"I don't know how it came up, but we went to the same nursery school," said Jonathon Hirschey.

After nursery school they parted ways, Jessica and Jon going to different schools. But their paths crossed again at age 28. It was love, sparked on the floor next to the building blocks, but separated by the Beaver River/Carthage line, which according to Jon, might have been a good thing.

"People change a lot , I was a little bit too immature when I was in nursery school. Probably maybe even a little bit later on after that," said Mr. Hirschey.

Looking back, seeing what became of her students, and hearing stories like Jon and Jessica's, the question for Mrs Haverstock, after teaching 1400 little people, the obvious question is: what did she learn?

"I think I learned best that if you look at each child as a person, then you'll never forget them...and you can learn as much from them as they can learn from you. And today when I saw these children. As soon as I saw their name, I remembered who they were and that's because I always thought of them as people, little people."

Haverstock says she'll miss nursery school, but her students will always be her students, every time she sees one out in the world, all grown up. With 1400 alumni, there's a good chance she'll see one every day. Especially if she watches 7News. Mrs. Haverstock taught 7News anchors Jeff Cole and Asa Stackel .
Saturday, December 3, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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