'Nightmare' Could Be Over For Macomb Woman


Five longhorn cattle -- including a nearly 1,200-pound bull -- have been unwanted and unruly neighbors in Macomb since the Fourth of July.

Lane Turnbull says they like to show up in her yard, damaging her apple trees and tearing up her gardens.

The 78 year old says she's been afraid to leave her house.

"I never walked off my ramp without checking to make sure that the coast was clear," she said. "Because I can see for quite a little ways here that I know I could get back into my house."

"I mean, it's terrifying," she said. "And it has been all summer long."

Several tracks show where the cattle have been moving through.

The owner of the longhorns, Tammy Hays, says she was keeping the animals up the street at her ex-boyfriend's house.

"They were down in his -- like it was a pole barn, a starter barn -- and I had panels in there to keep them in," Hays said. "And somebody had pulled the gate open and let them out.

Hays says she didn't let the cattle loose. But St. Lawrence County sheriff's deputies have charged her.

"I would never let them out to destroy anybody's property," she said. "I feel bad that they have and I want to eventually catch them and sell them so they're not causing any more problems."

So far, the bull has been caught, but the four other longhorns are still at large.

Turnbull says -- for her own peace of mind -- she hopes the rest of the cattle are wrangled as soon as possible.

Hays has been charged with unlawfully allowing a breeding animal to roam, which is a misdemeanor.

She was issued a ticket and will appear in Macomb town court at a later date.

See our story on Hays' arrest.
Sunday, December 11, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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