Teaching positions, advance placement courses, electives and extracurricular activities could be on the chopping block at General Brown Central School
Superintendent Steve Vigliotti  says that's because of a $1.8 million budget gap.
"The board needs to make these decisions," he said.
"There is nothing that is sacred at this point and of course you start with the non-mandated programs."
Residents filled a General Brown board of education meeting Monday night. They wanted to know what is going to be cut and -- more importantly -- who would be cut.
Sources told 7 News last week 36 jobs could be slashed.
Vigliotti says the school did notify a number of workers, but denies it was 36 and still won't disclose a solid figure.
"I'm not going to talk about that," he said, "but it's definitely not 36."
Even though he wouldn't reveal a number, Vigliotti said personnel cuts would be significant. 
He says General Brown has little fat left to trim. The school is the second lowest in spending per student across the state.
And the school has already cut 29 positions over the past three years.
Vigliotti blames the budget problems on the state of New York, specifically, something called Gap Elimination Adjustment. 
Simply put, New York awards schools money and then takes part of it back. And over the past three years, it's been trouble at General Brown. 
"In essence, the district lost $5.3 million of aid it would have already had, had this tax not been imposed," Vigliotti said.
The board will have another meeting on Wednesday, when it expects to find out the amount of state aid General Brown will receive for 2013-2014.