Thousands rallied last month in Albany and now the pro-gun movement has new momentum in the north country.

Patrick Morse heads up a new group based in Lewis County.

It's called North Country Friends of the 2nd Amendment. 

Like other pro-gun activists, Morse can't believe how quickly Albany passed new gun control laws - laws called the strictest in the nation.

"One day we went to bed with our guns and our gun safes legal, and the next morning we woke up and they weren't," said Morse.

The New York Safe Act, as it's called, has strong support downstate and that makes any repeal of the law a long shot.

But Morse says his group will launch an informational campaign and hold a rally to support efforts to have it beaten in court.

"Locally, everyone I've talked to just wants it gone. We've even had members of our group who aren't even gun owners and they just don't like the consitutionality of it," he said.

Morse says response to his new group has already been overwhelming - so much so, he's wondering if there'll be enough room at the Croghan Fire Hall at 7 p.m. Tuesday for its organizational meeting.