Northland Plaza's Future Up In The Air


Northland Plaza in Watertown is home to nearly a dozen businesses and is destination shopping for residents of the city's east side.

"I live right out back in Meadowbrook. I'm here all the time and it's convenient," said regular shopper Maggie Uscio.

But several people tell 7 News the shopping here was anything but convenient last winter - saying for much of last winte,r the parking lot wasn't plowed properly.

"My car is small. I have a Mazda so it sits really low and I almost got struck about three or four times," said Uscio.

There are new complaints from shoppers - the parking lot lights are not working and the grass is not mowed.

Watertown Center Development, LLC owns the property, but owes more than $49,000 in back taxes.

"If not paid by the end of Monday, close of business, a tax sales certificate will be sold at our auction Tuesday," said City Comptroller James Mills.

So what's going on here?

Well, we called this number on a sign in front of the plaza to find some answers.

The message said, "The number you dialed is not in service."

Calls to what we were told is the owner's cell phone went unreturned.

No response is something one business says is all too common when it comes to dealing with the plaza's owner.

Real Deals dollar store owners say they have major issues with the plaza and tell us, "There are unresolved repair issues."

When asked if the lights not working is one of those issues, store officials responded, "That is an issue, (issues) not getting repaired; ongoing issues."

Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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