The town of Rodman is still waiting to hear who its supervisor is going to be.

Tuesday's vote ended in a tie.

Incumbent Gary Stinson and challenger Stacey Berry each received 135 votes.

That means a handful of absentee and affidavit ballots will settle the question - assuming those don't end in a tie as well.

"Eight absentee ballots were issued for the town of Rodman and we have five received so once we count the absentees, we'll know what the results are after our count," said Babette Hall, Jefferson County Democratic Elections Commissioner.

It could be the third week in November before the final results are official.

The deadline for general absentee ballots to be returned is November 12 and November 18 for military absentee ballots.

Hall said she's unsure what would happen if the absentee ballots result in another tie.

She said other counties have decided to flip a coin to name the winner.