Pistol Permit Privacy Forms Cause Headaches For County Clerks


Filing papers is part of the job for clerks in Lewis County.

But ever since the state's new gun control law went into effect, the number of people submitting pistol permit privacy forms has gone through the roof.

Those forms do what the name suggests -- anyone filing the paperwork can keep their record of gun ownership out of the public eye.

And Lewis County Clerk Douglas Hanno says it's making for a ton of work.

"It's taxing," Hanno said. "It's very taxing on the employees."

The number of permit forms coming into the county clerk's office has more than tripled since the New York SAFE Act went into effect.

Hanno says with all the paperwork piling up, it's going to be harder for his office to keep up with the work.

Lewis County is not alone. More than 11,000 privacy forms have been submitted in Monroe County near Rochester.

The cost to process it all is around $177,000. County clerks say they want the state to pay for it.

"The law provides that there should be no cost born by the counties," said Monroe County Clerk Cheryl Dinolfo, "that this is a state expense."

"And, in fact, the state budget provides funding for the state police for implementation of this law and I think fundamental fairness would speak to reallocating some of that money to all of the counties who are involved," Dinolfo said.

Hanno says his office has processed more than 600 privacy forms since the end of February.

He says he's not sure how much longer his office can keep it up.

"It's just tedious work," he said. "It's taking a lot of our time."

"I mean, we're staying on top of it, but we're slowly getting behind," Hanno said

The deadline to submit the privacy forms is May 15. Hanno says he hopes his office won't fall too far behind as the forms continue to come in.
Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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