A string of vehicle fires has police baffled and searching for answers.

Three vehicles were stolen and then burned in the town of LeRay.

"We believe - just based on the way these crimes have occurred - they're similar in nature. So we believe it's the same individual, or individuals, that are involved," said State Police Investigator Stephen Kealy. 

It all started about a week ago.

State police said two of the vehicle fires happened last weekend and the other this past Sunday.

The first was a Land Rover found on the railroad tracks off Route 342.

The second was a pickup truck found on a dirt road off Route 143.

The third was a truck found on Virginia Smith Drive, right next to the Wood Creek Apartments.

Those who live in the area say they're shocked at what happened.

"It was like an 18-wheeler on fire smoking and they were just trying to put it out," said witness Catelyn Glenn.

Traces of the fire can still be seen on the road.

It's a sign of what happened, and what residents hope won't happen again.

"They haven't found him, so it's just kind of - it makes me a little nervous," said Glenn.

Investigators are now looking for a white male who was last seen wearing khaki shorts and no shirt.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department or the State Police.