It's a move that may bring wind farms to more towns and villages on the shore of Lake Ontario.

President Obama struck a deal to jump start development of offshore wind farm projects in five states. Including New York. Meaning, towns and villages that have fought against wind farms for years are digging in for another battle.

"At first blush, it's pretty disheartening to have the Federal Government come in and take an initiative where your local people have expressed their opinions that they're adamantly opposed," says Jefferson County legislator Barry Ormsby (R-District 9).

The intent of the initiative is to harness renewable energy sources.Officials say wind farms would also help local economies.

Governor Andrew Cuomo lends his support, saying, "the Great Lakes have the potential to provide clean energy from offshore wind and related green jobs in upstate New York."

Jefferson County legislators say they are in favor of adding jobs, but they worry what wind farms will do to tourism in the region; a major source of revenue.

"The views of that lake that have actually been, are known, all over the eastern part of the country as far as that just being a destination," adds Ormsby.

Even though New York state has signed on to look into developing wind farms, that doesn't mean it will happen soon, or ever.

"We need to stress that we are in the early stages, but the best defense is a strong offense." says Ormsby.

Both State and Federal officials will next begin the planning stages of attempting to add more wind farms off the shores of Lake Ontario