If you are wondering where to go to find a job, look no further than the Jefferson Rehabilitation Center in Watertown, also known as JRC.

"We have about 80-plus positions," executive director Howard Gantor said. "We have most of the positions in our residential program."

It's private-sector companies like JRC that Cheryl Mayforth of the Jefferson-Lewis WorkPlace says are contributing to the dip in the unemployment rate. Rates in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence Counties  all decreased about 2 percent from June of last year.

"Economists consider full employment at 5.5 (percent), so we are getting down to a really good, manageable level in the area," Mayforth said.

The north country still has some of the highest rates in the state. Mayforth says that's nothing new.

"One, we have a lot of seasonal employment in the area, both summer and in the winter," she said, "and so we have those ebbs and flows."

Also, she said, manufacturing can fluctuate.

Mayforth says there are a variety of jobs out there from retail to manufacturing, but hiring people for those jobs will get more difficult as the pool of unemployed people decreases.