The names of the candidates for county legislature District 9 election were accidentally left off the ballot in two Canton election districts.

When voters in Canton Election District 2 and 5 turned up to vote in the legislative race, the names of incumbent Democrat Stephen Putman and Republican challenger William Fobare were not on the ballot.
The snafu is being blamed on a Board of Elections error.
Officials said 95 people were unable to vote for a legislative candidate and another five people were given ballots with incorrect information.
Unofficial results had Putman winning re-election by a 215-vote margin over Fobare, 623 to 408.
Putman described the error as an unfortunate mistake.
"I can see how it would have happened, it was a human error," he said.
"I've been around long enough to know that errors happen. You don't crucify people because of something that you can easily understand how it might have happened."
Officials said the errors wouldn't change the outcome of the race.
Democratic Election Commissioner Jennie Bacon says the mistake was caused by "human error" and occurred with the redistricting of county legislative districts and a consolidation of election districts.
Republican Election Commissioner Tom Nichols said a voter who was unable to vote or one of the affected candidates could challenge the election in court.  
The deadline to challenge the election is November 30.