A town of Henderson business owner who has three signs that are bigger than the proposed limit of 16 square feet says there are more than 59 such signs.

No matter what, he says, he's keeping his.

"Signage is part of a business's existence, so it doesn't make any sense," Gary Rhodes said.

But Rhodes stayed away from Tuesday night's town council meeting where the proposed zoning law was  discussed.

The stricter sign rules would force a number of folks to take their signs down.

"The fact is that most businesses in town are hurting for business and large, easily seen signage helps attract customers," Don Peters said.

Zoning officers went through the old rules and proposed revisions to the town council.
"They're here to listen to you and I'll certainly probably make the changes reverse whatever was written in...maybe," town enforcement officer Eric Sheldon said.

The owner of a fishing charter business says he'll fight the proposed law.

"If they want that sign removed, it'll be only because they bought the lot from me and then they can tear it down,"  Ron Ditch said.

The proposed law means even church signs would have to come down and old signs would not be grandfathered in. However, it sounds as if the Henderson town council will take a look at that proposed law.