On Monday, a panel out of Albany released a list of recommendations to improve Common Core's testing policy.

Some of them include:

- banning standardized bubble tests for young children

- limiting the amount of time teachers teach to Common Core tests

- ensuring teachers receive more support with Common Core

Jay Boak is the superintendent for Jefferson-Lewis BOCES.

He is optimistic the recommendations will help. 

"Provide an impetus for keeping the implementation schedule on track and also the assessment schedule for students while at the same time protecting their privacy and reducing tests anxiety for students," he said.

But Copenhagen School Superintendent Scott Connell says he thinks some of the recommendations only look good on paper. 

For example, the panel recommends students grades 3 through 8 shouldn't fail because they did poorly on Common Core testing.

Connell says the problem is the test scores will still be used to evaluate teachers.

"It's a waste of time. We spend so much money. Our principals spend hours evaluating teachers," he said.

Right now there are bills in both the Assembly and the Senate that include similar recommendations.

State Senator Pattie Ritchie (R. - 48th District) says she expects the Senate will vote on a bill after a budget is passed.