Shhh! Local Restaurants Have 'Secret' Menus


According to the menu at Chipotle, a quesadilla is just for kids.  
But those in the know, know adults can also get them in a much bigger size.
"We get a lot of them, probably get 15 - 20 quesadillas a day," said Lauren Samuelson, Chipotle's assistant general manager in Watertown. 
It's part of a so-called secret menu.
It turns out a lot of restaurants have them.
Panera Bread has a whole hidden menu, new this year and full of healthy salads.
You won't see them on the menu board, but they're available every day.
When asked if it will be a secret much longer, John Dillenback, general manager of Panera Bread in Watertown said, "It won't be!"
If you go online and search for secret menu items, a lot of hits will pop up.
But just because you see something on the internet, doesn't mean your local restaurant participates.
We heard McDonald's had two secret menu items.
We ordered what's called a McLeprechaun.
That's a chocolate and mint shake.  
When 7 News reporter Caitlin Cissne ordered it, she was offered a Shamrock Shake instead.  
She also asked for a Monster Mac, which is a Big Mac with 8 beef patties.  
When Caitlin ordered it, the person on the intercom said she never heard of it.
So why have secret menu items?  
The theory is that it builds buzz and makes customers feel like they're in the know.
But, not everyone is impressed.
"Personally, I think it's not a good deal because if you want to sell something, you got to put it out there," said Reginald Lessard, who we found dining at Panera Bread.  
But, it seems like the secret menu trend is here to stay - even if it's not so secret anymore.


Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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