Source: Teen Had 500 Rounds of Ammunition


The teen who brought a rifle to Indian River High School Wednesday was also carrying 500 rounds of ammunition, a source tells 7 News.

The rifle was a .22-caliber semi-automatic, "Savage" brand weapon, the source said.

The photo above shows typical .22-caliber ammunition.

However, the rifle had only one small clip, so it apparently would not have been possible for the teen to quickly reload the weapon.

The clip was said to hold 10 bullets or less.

That would mean a lot of time lost during reloading.

"It takes a little time and energy to load the magazine. probably looking at 15 to 20 seconds," said Bill Stage, a gun owner and sportsman.

In addition, while 500 rounds is a sizeable amount of ammunition, it is also one of the standard sizes for purchasing ammunition - it's essentially 10 boxes of 50 rounds each, and it would not be uncommon for a hunter or shooting enthusiast to buy in that quantity.

"Five hundred rounds, I would shoot in an afternoon competition. That's kind of a trivial amount," said Stage.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department had no comment when Sheriff John Burns was asked by 7 News Friday morning.

The 15 year old was detained Wednesday after bringing the loaded rifle to a science class at Indian River high school. Sheriff's Department officials have said he had a plan to use the weapon to commit violence.

At last word, he was still in custody. Because of his age, little is known about the youth or his circumstances, or about any charges he could face. No one was hurt or threatened in the incident, and a veteran teacher is credited with disarming the youth.

Watch John's report from 7 News at Noon Friday:




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