State Not Ready For NY SAFE Act Ammunition Law


The state is far from locked and loaded when it comes to the newest New York SAFE Act regulation set to take effect. 

On January 15, ammunition dealers were supposed to start checking the backgrounds of every person who buys ammunition, but state police say they simply haven't finished the database needed to do that.

That has many questioning the gun law again.

"This is another example of how Albany can legislate a government-run program without knowing if they have the technology in place to do it," said state Assemblyman Ken Blankenbush (R. - 117th District).

State police wouldn't comment, but directed us to a letter from the state police superintendent

It only says the "state database is under construction."

Assemblywoman Addie Russell, who voted for the SAFE Act, says it's good they're taking their time.

"I would much rather have a system done right instead of trying to force something into a deadline," said Russell.

Opponents say this will be a lot of work for everyone involved because every time you buy a box of ammunition, a background check will have to be done.

"Criminals, by their very nature, don't go through a lot of ammunition in their illegal career.  It's the sportsmen who will be hassled beyond belief. I'm a trap shooter and I'll shoot thousands of rounds every summer, and for me to have to do background checks is ridiculous," said Patrick Morse, North Country Friends of the Second Amendment.

State police told us they're working on the database, but couldn't tell us when they expect to finish it.

They could only say they would let ammunition sellers know ahead of time. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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