Stefanik & Doheny Accuse Each Other Of Negative Campaigning


When Matt Doheny crosses paths with Elise Stefanik, it can get a little tense. 

"Say hi to the camera, here," Doheny told Stefanik during a luncheon in Watertown on Wednesday.

The luncheon was a chance for both Republican candidates to meet and greet potential supporters in their race for the 21st Congressional District. 

But the smiles hid some resentment as one accuses the other of negative campaigning.

"I'm disappointed that the tenor of the campaign has taken a negative tack from my primary opponent, who has stooped to negative mudslinging," said Stefanik. 

Stefanik says Doheny has been issuing press releases and sending mail to voters making claims against her that aren't true.

But Doheny, in his third run for Congress, just shrugs it off.

"We're just out here working hard every day, getting our message out - that there's someone who actually grew up in the district, there is a business man who actually has true experience in understanding the economy," said Doheny.

But if the campaign has gotten a little nasty, does your average Joe out on the street, who might not follow politics all that closely, really even care?

"I think they are; voters are paying increasing amounts of attention to this race," said Stefanik.

Doheny concedes that much of the insider baseball that characterizes the race might be lost on many voters. 

"That's why I go door to door. We've been all over the north country and the capital district to talk to voters and knock on doors," said Doheny.

Whose strategy will pay off?  The primary is June 24.

Monday, December 5, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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