Feedback: Detective Says Indian River Student Had Plan For Violence

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A 15 year old Indian River High School student is accused of bring a rifle to school. 

Indian River High School teacher Bob Kuba said (according to the Associated Press) the student indicated he wanted to show an experiment to his earth science class on Wednesday. Kuba says that with three minutes left in the period, the student took off the blanket and when Kuba saw a gun case he grabbed the rifle before the student could and called for help.

Kuba says the student offered no resistance.

Detective Dave Pustizzi of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department said the unidentified boy put a detailed plan into action several months ago.

He said the plan included violence.

"In 20 years, it's the second time that I can remember that a student actually had a gun in school that I've had to deal with and this is probably the closest to us having a tragedy here," said Pustizzi.

Pustizzi declined to give more information on the student's detailed plan.

When asked if the boy intended to go on a shooting spree like the massacres in Newtown, Connecticut or Columbine High School in Colorado, he said, "Any time that there's a weapon in school, there's a potential for there being injury to somebody then I think that's serious."

School officials posted an emergency alert on the district's web site and sent the message to parents' cell phones.

The notice said a student brought a rifle to school in a transport case. 

"When the case was opened in a classroom, the teacher immediately secured the weapon and police were notified.  The weapon and the student are now in police custody," the message stated.

(Pustizzi would not comment of whether the student is in police custody or if he has been charged with a crime.)

The alert went on to say no students or staff were threatened or injured during the incident.

"As a District, we wish to reassure you that all of the students and staff are safe," the alert says.

7 News spoke with district Superintendent Jim Kettrick who said  the high school went into lockdown for about an hour.

The incident immediately prompted questions from parents as to how a student could walk into a classroom with a rifle.

"Kids are in school, they carry around lacrosse sticks. They carry around projects. They carry around a lot of things that are wrapped up or in backpacks...It's just important that if somebody has a suspicion or a student hears something that they should let someone know so that appropriate action can be taken," said Pustizzi.

The school resource officer, sheriff's department and state police responded to the scene.

"I think is was a very good team approach from school staff, law enforcement and we were able to get things taken care of as fast as possible," said Pustizzi.

Pustizzi declined to comment on what kind of rifle was brought to school or where the teen got it.

He also wouldn't comment on whether the boy had been the victim of bullying.

The school district is no stranger to lockdowns.

One of the most high-profile cases happened in October 2013 when a man allegedly told a parent he often thought of shooting up a school and that he planned to kill her son, but let her daughter live.

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