St. Lawrence County's Human Services building was evacuated Wednesday after a suspicious-looking duffel bag was found in the Department of Motor Vehicles.

County officials closed the building on Route 310 in Canton and sent workers home for the day.
A state police bomb unit arrived on scene around noon and the contents of the bag were being x-rayed.
Officials said the x-ray showed there were no explosives.
County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire said a DMV worker found the duffel bag on a shelf in the outer lobby at around 10 a.m.
"The thing is after what has happened in Boston, none of us are going to take any chances," said St. Hilaire.
Officials said the bag contained a Thermos bottle wrapped in foil, lunch, an iPhone and a book.
The bottle contained juice.
Police say a man and a woman returned to the DMV to retrieve the bag, telling police they accidentally left it behind when they left to retrieve paperwork they needed.
Police say the couple said something to the effect of "I hope all these police vehicles aren't for us."
County officials say the incident illustrates how vigilant people are in the wake of the bombings earlier this week during the Boston Marathon.
One county worker told 7 News that it's better to err on the side of caution than to not act responsibly.
The building was closed for the rest of the day Wednesday and will reopen for business as usual on Thursday.
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