Law enforcement officials are using social media to get the job done.

The Massena Police Department just added a sex offender search component to its website this week.

And New York State Police are using Facebook to catch people who have warrants out for their arrest.

State Police Sergeant Peter Fisher says right now there are about 50 warrants out for people in the Watertown patrol area.

He's hoping that number will shrink with the help of "Warrant Wednesday."

Each Wednesday, wanted posters of people with arrests or bench warrants will be added to the New York State Police Facebook page.

"In order to gain knowledge where suspects with warrants are located and residing at so in order for us to pick them up and effectively make an arrests on them," said Fisher.

While troopers say social media is a great way to help get the job done, people we spoke with had mixed reviews.

"I probably wouldn't know about it because I don't go on the computer," said Marsha Compeau.

"Everybody's doing it online, so it reaches a lot more people a lot quicker," said Paul Alberry. 

When people are reached, there is a number for them to call if they recognize the person in the picture.