For food and wine lovers, Sunday was a day to try some of the best in New York at the state food and wine festival in Clayton. At the state food and wine festival in Clayton, folks indulged in everything from fine wines, to dips, and even bratwursts. The festival, it seemed, had something for everyone, even elementary school aged kids like Dalton Deitz. "When my mom told me what it was, she said it was a wine and cheese festival," said Deitz. "And I didn't know there would be like sauces, and spices, and dips!" With over seventy vendors, including thirty-eight wineries, there's a lot to see and taste. And that's exactly what Glenora Wine Cellars is counting on. Their shelves are full of wines to showcase. But say while buyers may come for the selection, they stay for the mouthwatering taste. "We have a great product and it pleases everyone. We have something for the serious wine drinkers. We have something for people who like the more fun, summer wines, so it's a great crowd pleaser, and we have a lot to offer," said Brittany Lewis, the company's special events coordinator. Another upside for the region, everything at the festival was made or grown in New York. "I really like that they're promoting New York state and everything we have to offer. It's wonderful," said festival-goer Joann Whitman. So whether you were looking for a nice wine for dinner, or some homemade fudge for the kids. It was a time to celebrate the flavors of New York and eat like a local!