Training To Deal With Violence


It could be a combative suspect, or it could be a mass killer, like the one in the Navy yard shootings. 

The Jefferson County Public Health Service sponsored a course on defensive tactics in the workplace.

Workers were told that simply being alert is the first step in not becoming a victim.

"So to be able to walk through an area and have awareness of your surroundings and be able to just sidestep," said Bob Poresky, Protective Consulting Solutions.

Some students at Jefferson Community College is getting a very realistic feel for the kind of violence they could face.

A criminal justice class is using a new firearms training simulator.

As part of the simulation, two men exit a building, one draws a gun and the JCC student drops him in his tracks.

"it gives them a little bit of the feel. nothing can compare to a real-life situation," said Paul Alteri, assistant professor of criminal justice.

The system can call up 1,500 different scenarios ranging from a traffic stop to a shooting at a mall.

"I had military training so it helped out a little bit," said student Steven Schnabel.

But Alteri said there are others "whose palms get sweaty and they get nervous. It's as close to real life as we can get."

It's closer to real life than any of us hope to ever get.

Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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