Both incumbent members of the Watertown city council and political newcomers Stephen Jennings and Cody Horbacz will go on to compete in the November election.

Tuesday's primary eliminated two other contenders, Rodney J. LaFave and Jasmine Borreggine.

Unofficial results were:

Teresa Macaluso: 575 (incumbent)

Jeffrey Smith: 454 (incumbent)

Stephen Jennings: 452

Cody Horbacz: 342

Rodney LaFave: 262

Jasmine Borreggine: 246

In Watertown, voters cast ballots for two of six candidates for city council. The top four vote-getters go on to the November election, so the primary eliminates two candidates.

Turnout was low Tuesday: only 1,262 ballots were cast.

In 2003, there were 2,284 voters in a five way primary. in 2003, the top vote getter was Timothy LaBouf, with 1,344 votes. Jeff Smith was second with 1,199.

In 2005, another five way primary drew much less interest from voters. A total of 1,460 voters went to the polls, with James O'Brien leading the night with 735 votes.

There are 11,918 registered voters in the City of Watertown, so turnout on primary day was about 10 percent. When you add in the absentee ballots returned, that number rises to 12 percent, still low.

Although absentee ballots will not be a factor, the Jefferson County Board of Elections sent out 322 ballots and had gotten back 174 through Monday. Another 20 or so came in today.

The absentees will be counted next Monday.