The United Way held its annual community food drive at St. Anthony's Church in Watertown Friday morning.

Volunteers unloaded truck-loads of food donated by local businesses. 
The event helps restock around 20 food pantries in Jefferson County. Summertime leaves pantry shelves nearly empty.
Northern Federal Credit Union and Watertown Savings Bank were big givers this year, giving a combined $14,000 worth of food to the pantry.
"We do as much as we can and we ask that everybody else join in to do the same," said the credit union's Michael Woods.
"Different villages and towns have a food pantry that's in need and this is a perfect way to get all of our employees on board," said RoAnn Dermady of the Watertown Savings Bank.
The food drive is until 2 p.m. at the Arsenal Street church.
There's a food drive at the Lewis County Fairgrounds starting at 8 a.m. Saturday.