The father and uncle of John Villafranco walked the edge of the Black River again Saturday, searching for any trace of the man who vanished into the waters of the river when his canoe overturned.

John Villafranco and his wife, Lydia, were on the Black River near Eastern Boulevard in Watertown early on the evening of April 21. The canoe flipped over; three soldiers were able to save Lydia, but John vanished.

"It's been tough, very tough," said Gilbert Villafranco, John's father, Saturday. He said he's been
"walking the river, all the way to Glen Park."

Villafranco and his family are from San Antonio, Texas, and family members have traveled north to help search.

"It's been a very sad experience for the entire family," said Richard, an uncle.

That said, the family holds out a small hope that somehow John is still alive.

"Miracles do happen, and we believe in them," Gilbert said.

The family asks anyone who can help search, or who might have information, to call Gilbert at 210-508-7349.

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