Over the past decade, the conversation on whether or not to re-pave Palmer Street in Watertown has been as rocky as the blacktop.

So rocky that residents on the road are sick of talking about it.

But the city council is not.

It's bringing up the idea of paving it yet again.

"Just look at it. It's by definition kind of a silly situation," said Mayor Jeff Graham.

Silly, because legally the city can't pave the road.

It doesn't actually own the rocky portion.

All it can do is some patch work for public safety purposes.

How effective is the patching? Not very.

"This is not a major public works project. It's not putting in a new interstate or something. It's just fixing 300 feet of bad pavement. Our crews do it all the time," said Graham.

But to do it this time, the council would need to find out who owns the road - supposedly heirs to a man named Robert Smith - before taking it by eminent domain.

But not everyone on the council is sold on the idea.

"The city is not financially in any condition to take on another project. I'm not saying we'll never do the project. We probably will," said Councilwoman Teresa Macaluso.

But maybe not right now.

The council is split.

Two are for looking into a fix, and two against.

The odd man out is newcomer Steve Jennings who tells 7 News he's open to finding a solution to this problem.