A Lewis County man is charged with second degree murder for allegedly shooting his son with a 20-gauge shotgun during an argument Monday night. 

Sheriff's deputies say 58 year old Lyle Davoy Sr. shot his 29 year old son Lyle Davoy Jr. shortly before 8 p.m. while they were arguing at a Stillwater Road residence in the town of Watson.
Deputies say the altercation became physical and the younger man left the home.
Lyle Davoy Sr. allegedly shot the younger man in the upper torso.
"It was an incident between a father and a son. The father has been arrested," said Lewis County District Attorney LeAnne Moser.
Officials said one shot was fired, but wouldn't say if the son was shot from behind.
Lyle Davoy Jr. died at the scene.
His father was arraigned in Lowville Village Court and sent to jail without bail.
Officials said the father's emotional state was not good and that he was being watched, although they said he is not under suicide watch.
A preliminary hearing is set for Friday at 2 p.m. in Lewis County Court.
7 News reporter Matt McClusky went to the crime scene and observed numerous liquor and beer bottles on the property.
Officials would not comment on whether alcohol was a factor in the shooting.
One neighbor told McClusky that she heard a single gun shot.
Officials said neighbors called 911 after hearing the shot.
McClusky was told that neighbors tried to revive the victim before emergency personnel arrived on the scene.
Family friends said Lyle Davoy Jr. grew up in the south and moved to Lewis County less than ten years ago.
Neighbors said they're shocked that something like this would happen.
They said Lyle Sr. was always there to help, including plowing driveways during the winter.
"If you were broke down, he'd be the first to stop. If you needed something and he had it, he'd give it to you.  It's just not him," said Vincent Ross, a longtime friend of the suspect.
Officials said murders in Lewis County are rare, with only three other homicides in the last 18 years - and one of those was a hunting accident.