Wednesday Morning: Owens To 'Fight Very Hard' To Keep Social Security Checks Coming


North country Congressman Bill Owens says he plans to "fight very hard" to keep Social Security and other checks coming, as the Congress and President Obama wrangle over raising the debt ceiling.

Another day of meetings Tuesday yielded no agreement on the issue. Republicans want deep spending cuts and no tax increases, while Democrats want fewer cuts and tax 'adjustments' - closing some loopholes and perhaps raising taxes for the wealthy.

With an August 2 deadline approaching, President Obama told CBS News Tuesday that he can't guarantee Social Security checks for August will be issued without an agreement.

During a telephone 'town hall' meeting Tuesday, Owens reacted to the President's warning.

"We're gonna do - or at least I'm gonna do - everything I can to make sure America does not default on its debt obligations on August 2 and that checks continue to go out for Social Security and all the other people who rely on checks from the government," Owens said.

"That's contractors who do work for the government, it's the employees of the United States government, it's the physicians who treat people on Medicare - we're gonna fight very hard to make sure that doesn't happen."

As the deadline approaches, the question of who is responsible for a default becomes a political hot potato, passed back and forth between Republicans and Obama.

Late Tuesday, it was the Republicans' turn. They proposed giving the President authority to raise the debt ceiling, as long as he details a like amount of cuts. That would force Obama to spell out politically unpopular reductions in government spending, or take responsibility for a default.



Saturday, December 10, 2016
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