A 42 year old Adams Center woman is being held without bail for allegedly having two stolen credit cards.

State police arrested Michele Bowens of 17987 County Route 76.

She's charged with a felony count of fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property.

Bowens is alleged to have been in possession of a Capital One credit card and a LL Bean credit card that were stolen from John Dunk of Adams on or about September 16, 2012.

Bowens was arraigned in Adams Town Court.

Her case will go before a grand jury.

Bowens is the same woman who accused Jefferson County Undersheriff Andrew Neff of sexual harassment. 

Bowens, who previously served time behind bars, filed a $1 million notice of claim in October.

She claims Neff told her "if she performed sexual favors for him, he would speak to the Jefferson County District Attorney's office on her behalf" about charges Bowens is facing.

The notice of claim states Neff "engaged in a pattern of verbal harassment...when she refused to meet him to perform sexual favors."

Neff was placed on administrative leave.

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