A four year old animal cruelty case against a St. Lawrence County woman has been settled with a plea bargain and no jail time.
Carol Elmer has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts of torturing and injuring animals and failure to provide sustenance.

The 66 year old Lisbon woman was sentenced to three years probation.

Elmer was originally indicted on 37 counts of animal cruelty in 2009.

She was charged with failing to provide proper shelter, food and water for several horses.
The severity of the case caught the attention of officials from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who visited Elmer's property on Cold Spring Road and assisted in obtaining treatment for the affected horses.
The court dismissed 22 of the original charges and a June 28 plea deal with prosecutors covered the remaining 13 charges.
Under the terms of her probation, Elmer can't own more than 15 horses and is not allowed to buy or breed any of the animals.
District Attorney Nicole Duve says Elmer also has to allow random inspections of her property, including barns, pastures and horses and is required to participate in an animal husbandry course relating to caring for horses.