Your Turn: Fatal High Speed Chase


Most of your feedback this week was about the high-speed police chase that ended in a fatal accident in the town of Pamelia October 3.

It all started with an alleged purse snatching.

48 year old Francis "Terry" Morgia has been charged with unlawful fleeing a police officer, robbery, and murder.

Carol Ames writes: "My question is why they were chasing the subject. They had his plate number ... so why chase him? Go to his address and wait for him. I do not feel that there was any reason for a chase."

Anne Streeter agrees. She wrote: "Was a high speed police chase warranted? In my opinion, no way. My opinion doesn't matter. Explain it to the victim's family the need for the police chase."

But Ron Clarke says: "I am so over people blaming the police for what criminals do! ... The suspect CHOSE to flee ... lay the blame where it lays - with the suspect - not the police."

Still, one viewer writes: "Bottom line - a woman is dead over a stolen purse. Not necessary - they would have eventually caught him with the description of the car and license plate that they had."

But Paul Smith argues: "If law enforcement would have let this clown go, and he continued his violence toward law-abiding citizens, they would have had to answer for that also! It's a lose-lose situation for law enforcement in this case!

And finally, Glenn Sampson writes: "Why is the conversation even about the chase? This guy robbed an 84 year old woman and we are questioning the cops? Hope your grandmother or mother isn't next."

Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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