Your Turn: Furloughs, Mergers...And The Deck


Diane Rutherford is off tonight (Monday, July 29) so Brian Ashley took a deep dive into the virtual mailbag for your comments on the news.

A lot of people had opinions about a union at Fort Drum helping employees contest the furloughs imposed this summer by the federal government.

As we reported last Thursday, the appeals process could take years.

Viewer reaction? Earl Crabb wrote "I would love to have that job for four days a week year round along with the benefits. Some folks don't realize how good they have it even when they think it's bad."

Jennifer Woodall Simpson opined "Since our senators and congressmen don't take a drop in pay as they should, the civilians shouldn't be penalized!!!!"

And Douglas Osbourne argued "This is another example of the war on the middle class. We're expected to be the engine driving the economy when we aren't allowed to earn a living wage. Just saying."

7 News reporter Matt McClusky took a look at what happens when schools merge - it's a popular idea right now because most rural school districts are under lots of pressure to spend less and perform better. The state is offering the Canton and Potsdam school districts $25,000 to study a merger. (Matt's series can be seen here and here.)
Kathy Manning wrote on Facebook: "Here's a thought - why not just go ahead and merge the schools, and then give the new district that 25K?" And Stacey Bowen wrote "Could someone add up the number of times NNY schools have been given merger study money in the last 20 years and compare it to the number of schools that have actually merged?"

The controvery that will not die, whether the City of Watertown can let a restaurant use a city-owned deck, was back in the news last week. Mayor Jeff Graham has asked the state comptroller to weigh in on the subject.

Tissy Adams noted "If it is city-owned, then no there should not be drinking on it. If you do it for one city owned piece of land then they need to do it for all."

Edwin Bookout wrote "It is NY, whatever they come up with will involve tons of red tape, cost to much, be over taxed and require seven new laws!"

As always, your comments are appreciated.

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