Your Turn: New iPads, Old Buildings, Familiar Problems


Diane Rutherford has the day off, so Brian Ashley took a deep dive into the Your Turn mailbag, and came up with lots of dissatisfaction with government in the north country.

On Friday, 7 News reporter John Friot reported every St. Lawrence County legislator is getting a new iPad, courtesy of the federal government. The justifications? Well, using iPads cuts down on paper agendas and memos, and in case of a county wide emergency, they'd be part of how legislators get information and communicate.

The iPads were not a big hit with viewers.

Angela Wilhelm wrote...  'We can cut federal employees pay like the border patrol agents by 30 - 40% but then turn around and the federal government can provide the county legislators with new i-Pads... How about we serve the taxpayers and keep the borders protected? 

...Daniel Lowe writes 'How about using the federal grant money to help fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and ems squads so they can buy the equipment that they need to train and protect their communities...oh that's right.. They don't care about such things....'

On the other hand, Scott Skiff emailed this comment... 'Excellent.. Glad to see they are supporting quality american products... If used properly they will be more efficient than paper and save taxpayers money... Bravo....'  

Last Thursday, developers took city and county officials on a tour of the old Woolworth building on Watertown's Public Square. The developers hope to develop apartments and retail in the deteriorating structure.

The tour prompted Lana Alexander to write... 'We keep hearing this, but nothing ever comes of it....'

And Jim Graves says...'the 37th story about somebody going to refurbish the building in the last five years... Ever get the idea someone is just looking to get some tax breaks from the city with no real intention of doing any work... '

Also last Thursday, the state Attorney General's office released a report critical of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department. That's after a string of problems in the department.  

Jeff payne wrote.. 'It won't make a difference 'til they get caught trying to hide something again, you know they all say sorry...only sorry they got caught....'

And this anonymnous e-mail says... I really wish this investigation would have dug deeper into the sheriff's department, as in not only outside but inside the jail division too... I have experienced and witnessed crazy misconduct first hand..,.and everything gets covered up.....'


Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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