Your Turn: Your Feedback On $40K Flight & 'Debarking' Dogs


A Chaumont man was stunned to learn his emergency helicopter flight to a Syracuse hospital cost $40,000:


I would have had a heart attack reading that.

Daryl Diekman
from email

People need to get over not wanting to pay for anything. You have no clue how much it costs to run that helicopter, keep it staffed and so on.

Alexandra Smith
from Facebook

People wonder why medical insurance costs so much.  There is your answer.

Michael Tulley
from email

People should spare a couple of dollars each and donate to his cause.

Stan Lanphear
from email

The more important issue is that he is alive. Air Methods staff are held to the highest standards.

Toni Lindgren
from email

It would be a disservice to let the public think that insurance typically covers a large portion of this. (It) is not true for my insurance.

Cheryl Smith
from email

It is a terrible shame when ONE ride to the hospital for an emergency will destroy you financially.

David Krzemien
from email

The state Assembly has passed a bill that would restrict the practice of snipping the vocal chords of dogs and cats to make them quieter:


It's cruel and inhumane!

Annie Stanton Barkley
from Facebook
People don't do this unless it is necessary to be able to keep their pet.

Arielle Morrison
from Facebook

This should not be allowed!

Dave Wieczerzak
from Facebook

The legislature should stay out of it.

Corinne Luckfield Fayo
from Facebook

The dogs I have who are debarked are happier than those who are not. The debarked dogs get unlimited play outside whilst the others do not. I do not want my neighbors to have the annoyance of barking dogs.

Lesa Steele
from email

You should not have a dog or cat if you do not want to hear them bark or meow.

Janet Moser
from Facebook

It is much less traumatic than declawing cats and neutering dogs and cats, which no one is advocating should be stopped.

Deborah Schaefer
from email

Friday, December 2, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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