Your Turn: Your Feedback On College In Prison, Heroin & Gas Prices


Most of your feedback this week is about Governor Cuomo's proposal to fund college classes in New York prisons. He says a college degree will reduce the likelihood an inmate will return to crime when released:


Let's treat criminals how they should be treated, not reward them with a degree for committing crimes!

Ryan Woodward

Use that money in our public schools!

Nancy Williams

How many experienced, college educated individuals are already unemployed? With a criminal record added to that list, how likely are they to fare any better, unless they are planning on a career in politics?

Liz Scanlon

I've been trying to think of ways to come up with more money to further my education. I'm going to rob a bank! If I succeed, I'll have the money.  If I fail, I get the education!

Ashley Wilkins

This is a slap in the face of those of us who work hard and pull our own weight. It is beyond offensive.

Cathy Whalen

We asked for your thoughts on our series "Hooked on Heroin."  We met a woman who shared her story of addition as well as her road to recovery:


She enlightened a lot of people on this drug. Best of luck to her and when you can open up like she did, she will do great beating this addiction.

Kim Gordon

This was a bad drug back in the 60's. You'd think kids would be smarter by now.

Michele Vincent

At least it's being acknowledged now. I'm proud of this series. There should be seminars in EVERY school.

Tonia Gray Stephenson

Gas prices are on the rise and could top $4 a gallon by spring:


We need to approve the Keystone Pipeline and lower state and federal taxes on gasoline.

James Newell

This is a controversy every year. It's not going to change until we the people demand a change.

Nate Lundquist


Monday, December 5, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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