Your Turn: Your Feedback On Curfew, Law Firm & Fence


There seems to be some confusion over when it's okay to drive in Thompson Park.  Signs show the park hours, but say nothing about driving on the roads. Watertown's mayor says it's time to take a look at the law:

I would have read the sign as meaning the park was closed after 9 pm. I certainly never thought it was illegal to use the roads after that time.

Mandee Widrick Flanders
from Facebook

We have the Watertown Golf Club located in the park, which has a restaurant and caters to weddings and banquets. I'll bet they would like the roads open after 9.

Jim Lucas
from email

You put gates blocking the roads, people know they can't drive through. Otherwise, it's not very clear.

Kristi Cochran
from Facebook

E.J. Noble Hospital insists it has no plans to break unions as it reorganizes into Gouverneur Hospital. But, union leaders are still worried - saying the hospital has hired a law firm with an anti-union reputation:

That shouldn't surprise anyone. The "old" management had tried for years to get rid of the union, why should "new" management be any different?

Susan Reed
from email

CPS's true actions in hiring this union breaking law firm speaks in a loud clear voice.

Alan J Leo
from Facebook

Most of your feedback is about a Watertown man who knowingly put up a fence that doesn't meet city codes.  He has been ordered to take it down, but he's not budging:

If someone owns property, they should be able to put a fence...wherever they like as long as it is still on their property.

Fred Goslin
from Facebook

It looks amazing. Why not worry about the people who don't do anything with their property and it's falling apart.

An Wallace
from email

He should have taken it up with city council BEFORE putting it up.   I think this is a publicity stunt that will bite him in the rear.

Heather Cox
from Facebook

Sunday, December 4, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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