Your Turn: Your Feedback On IR Student, Fence & New Air Service


A 15 year old Indian River Central School student was charged with attempted murder in connection with a gun incident at the school in January.  The unidentified teen took a rifle to class. A teacher, Bob Kuba, grabbed the gun before anyone got hurt:


This teen needs to be treated as an adult.  Whether he is jailed or placed permanently in a medical facility, this person should never be allowed in society again.

Thomas Rivet

I don't think the charge fits the crime at ALL. He never shot the weapon and no one was injured. How do you justify a charge of attempted murder?

Gina Hurteau

Jacob Johnson's controversial Mullin Street fence was removed last week. A court ruled that the fence must come down because it violated city code:


Now that the fence is down, maybe the city can concentrate on real issues!

Skip Fleming

What's asinine is they are allowing him to erect a new wrought iron fence. Harder to see through.

Scott M. Doyle

It's a shame he couldn't have just followed the rules like every other law abiding citizen.

Don Martin

A new commercial airline intends to use large jets to fly passengers out of the Ogdensburg International Airport to a southern destination beginning in 2016. Plenty of you hope it flies to Florida:


This is the BEST news ever! All my friends and family live in the Burg and I have relocated to Florida. Please fly to Tampa.

Debra Quinn

As long as the flight doesn't go to a city in the panhandle, the service would be super.

Lillian Barden

You would definitely have quite a few Canadians going there as it is much cheaper to fly to Florida from Northern New York than Ottawa or Montreal.

Pierre Anderson

Monday, December 5, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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