Your Turn: Your Feedback On Inmate, Mason & Vortex


With too many inmates and not enough beds, the Jefferson County Jail often transfers inmates to other facilities. But, the parents of one inmate was upset no one told them their son was being moved out of the region:

Is it too much to have some compassion for the parents.  (It) would be a humane thing to at least give the next of kin some sort of heads up.

Chris Knudsen

It is a security risk. Why take a chance?

William Morse

Although I feel sorry for the Kay family, the county is not obligated to provide up to the minute itineraries.

Frederick Goslin

I spent a year in Afghanistan, but you didn't hear my family crying about not being able to visit me.

Jonathan Persons

North country mason Matt Williams is volunteering his time to repair a Virgin Mary statue which was vandalized at Waddington's St. Mary's Church over the summer:

This world needs more people like you.

Randy Young

He is still a true gentleman and deserves all the recognition he can get for doing such an admirable deed. He is one in a million.

Ruth LaPage

Since Thompson Park opened in 1905, there have been tales about vortexes and other paranormal activity. Last week, the city of Watertown officially recognized the decades of folklore by dedicating a sign marking "Watertown's Area 51:"

So we're spending time with a vortex, but the roommate law is still in effect? Glad to see Watertown has its priorities in order.

Daniel Mount

If there is one, could we get the Congress and the White House sucked into it?

Jen Labumbard

Can I lure my ex-husband there?

Heather C Pummill

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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