Your Turn: Your Feedback On Military Cuts, Fowler School & Mark's Law


Budget cuts are coming to Fort Drum. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has asked military installations to cut spending - calling it a precautionary measure in case Congress fails to reach a budget deal:


Do more with less! Fort Drum has already trained adequate numbers to support the war effort. That is where the cuts should be the deepest!

Lewis Goutermout
from email

Our troops deserve better than this.

Cindy Burke
from Facebook

Due to budget woes, the Gouverneur Central School District is thinking about saving money by closing Fowler Elementary:


Close it.  It's not required. They are busing kids from the village in order to keep the numbers up in the school.

Don Martin
from Facebook

I don't think it's a good idea.  Can you imagine closing another school and filling up the classrooms that are already too full?

Megan Dean
from Facebook

State lawmakers will consider a new Mark's Law, the bill aimed at protecting first responders under the state's murder one statute:


The only thing we have seen come out of Albany regarding this issue is a little lip service. All of your "bipartisan" bantering is what is keeping this bill from becoming a needed law.

Frederick Goslin
from email

This should be a no brainer. All 1st responders need this.

Nancy Butler
from email

When it comes to January thaws, we had a good one over the weekend with temperatures rising into the 50s and 60s:


It was nice to get rid of some of the ice and have some windows open!

Nicole Roes Greene
from Facebook

Hate it. People don't realize how much this economy relies on snow.

Kevin Groff
from Facebook

Good for my heating bill!

LuAnne Beutel
from Facebook

Saturday, December 3, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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