Republicans in the House of Representatives say the U.S. should have a third missile-interceptor site and are eying Fort Drum as a possible place to put it:


It's a great idea. We ought to have a site on the east coast and Fort Drum is a great place to have it.

Nate Lundquist
from Facebook

Let someone else have the missile defense site. We have enough military here already.

Mark Neukirch
from email

No thanks! Fort Drum is already a target. Do we really need to increase that tenfold?

Debbie Chatterton
from Facebook

Holy cow! Is there any such thing as a military secret anymore?

Charles Reed
from email

State police have launched another crackdown on people who use their cell phones and other hand-held devices while driving:


My sister was killed in an accident...because the person driving was on her cell phone.  So you tell me, is it worth driving and texting?

Beth Johnson
from email

I always pull over if I need to text. It's only a smart thing to do.

Granger Watson
from Facebook

A Syracuse man publicly thanked a Fort Drum soldier for saving him from drowning. Staff Sergeant Ryan Lowe is being hailed as a hero:


We are so lucky to have such brave military men and women living throughout our community. They have put their lives on the line for our country and act in situations like this without thinking of their own safety.

Anthony Bova
from Facebook

What a wonderful man. Best wishes to him as he leaves the Army.

Laura Leisner Lenander
from Facebook