Your Turn: Your Feedback On Obama's Job Plan, Handicapped Accessibility & Postal Service


Even though the Americans with Disabilities Act became law 21 years ago, some people with special needs are finding places, including government buildings, are still not handicapped accessible:


I'm a paraplegic.  We are people too and should be able to go wherever an able-bodied person goes.

Megan Payne
from Facebook

ALL government buildings should have been retrofitted. The fact that some government buildings are still inaccessible to the handicapped is a shame.

Sam Bryant
from Facebook

President Barack Obama spoke to a joint session of Congress to pitch job proposals aimed at getting Americans back to work.  Most of your feedback this week was about his speech:


If Congress would just cooperate, things might get a little better.

Kelly Gould Johnson
from Facebook

Funny, Congress was all his for two years and now in only 8 months it's Congress's fault and not the president.

Graham M Stone
from Facebook

I don't want to just get back to work, I want a job that is comparable to the job I had that went to China.

Bert Ruoff
from Facebook

The Thousand Island Park post office closed for good over the weekend. Hundreds of other post offices are expected to close nationwide and Saturday mail delivery could come to an end as well. It's all because the postal service is losing money:


This is surely a result of advanced technology but has the postal service made any real attempt to make their product more appealing or consumer friendly to avoid ''sealing" their own fate?

Kraig Everard
from Facebook

Hate to see more people lose jobs, but cutting Saturday mail delivery would help save money!

Darcy Currier Wilson
from Facebook

What about the businesses that rely on mail on Saturdays?

Kevin Groff
from Facebook

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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